Your First Consultation

Your First Consultation

Before your consultation

You will be given an appointment time to see Dr Turner at one of his clinic locations in Dee Why, Leichhardt or Newcastle. We take every care to ensure that you are seen at the time allocated, however emergencies and other unplanned events can disrupt our schedule. If this occurs we will endeavour to contact you with as much notice as possible to minimise any disruption to your schedule.

It is recommend that you download and pre-fill our patient registration form and medical assessment form prior to you arriving at our clinic. If you are not able to complete the forms and bring them with you to your appointment, than you need to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to you appointment time to give adequate time to complete these forms.

If a patient arrives late for an appointment, we will endeavour to accommodate the consultation on the same day, however this is not always possible and a future appointment may be required to give sufficient time in your consultation with Dr Turner to go through all your concerns and goals.

For patients who fail to show up to their appointment, they will forfeit the consultation fee and will be required to schedule a new appointment with another consultation fee payment.

During your consultation

Please allow up to one hour for your first consultation with Dr Turner. During the consultation he will assess your desires and goals, provide detailed information and carefully explain the techniques, benefits and risks of the cosmetic surgery procedures available.

You will be shown photographs of patients who have undergone similar surgeries, to demonstrate the range of outcomes that can be achieved. Once you have all the information, you will be able to make an informed judgement on which procedure will best achieve your goals.

We strongly recommend all patients have a second consultation prior to proceeding with surgery so you have the opportunity of having all your questions answered. This helps ensure you are fully informed and utterly comfortable with your whole surgical journey.

After your consultation

Our team will help you select a date for your operation and provide information about cost, pre-operative care and additional services to enhance your results. We are available to answer any questions in the days leading up to your operation.

Computerised Imaging

To help visualise the likely outcome from your surgery, we use the latest 3D computer imaging technology with the VECTRA camera system, however this is currently only available at our Dee Why and Leichhardt clinics. Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery is one of the very few plastic surgery practices offering this world class technology.

Photographs are taken before your procedure and at regular intervals after the operation, to document the improvements achieved.

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