Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Once you decide that surgery is for you, we will develop an individual treatment plan for your procedure and post-operative recovery. Physical and mental preparation is important to help you recover quickly and enjoy better results.

Before surgery, Dr Turner will order any relevant investigations such as blood tests or X-Rays. Please advise of previous illnesses, operations and any medications you are taking.

  • A list of drugs to avoid or suspend before your operation is available here.

    Many medications and herbal remedies can influence the way blood clots. Unless instructed otherwise you must NOT take any of the following medications or herbal remedies for at least 10 days prior to surgery.

    Alka Seltzer Codral Blue Neurofen
    Arthrexin Coumadin* Orthoxicol Cold & Flu
    Aspalgin Decrin Orudis
    Aspro Disprin Ostoprin
    Asprin Dolobid Palaprin Forte
    Asprodeine Doloxene – Co Persantin*
    Asco-Tin Ecotrin Ponstan*
    Astrix Equagesic Rafen
    Bex Feldene Rheumacin
    Bi-Prin Fensaid Rhusai
    Brufen Feverfew Solcode
    Bufferin Garlic Solprin
    Butazolidin Ginger Solusal-Co
    Cardiprin Ginkgo Biloba Spren
    Cartia Ginseng Ticlid*
    Clinoril Hicin Tilcotil
    Clusinol Hycodin Toradol
    Codiphen Indocid Veganin
    Code-Co Inza Vincents Powder
    Codral Cold Tablets Marevan* Vitamin E
    Codox Morphalgin Voltaren

    * Indicates especially potent anti-coagulation drugs
    PANADOL and PANADEINE contain paracetamol and codeine that do not effect bleeding. These drugs can be used safely prior to and after surgery.
    Smoking is always a problem in plastic surgery. You must advise Dr Turner of your smoking history and agree on a period of abstinence before and after your surgery.

Hospital Admission

If your procedure is to be performed in hospital, Dr Turner will discuss the duration of your admission, the post-operative recovery period and when you may resume normal activities. During your second consultation with Dr Turner you will be given the hospital admission and consent forms to complete. You are required to complete these forms and return them directly to the hospital no later than 7 days prior to your surgery. The hospital will be in contact to discuss any financial payments and advise you on your planned arrival time and fasting details.

Depending on the procedure, you may be required to wear a surgical compression garment postoperatively to assist with swelling and maximise the results of your surgery. At the second consultation, Dr Turner or his nurse will measure you to ensure correct sizing of the garment.

Getting Home after Surgery

If your procedure is to be performed as day surgery only, you need to arrange a family member or friend to pick you up upon discharge form the hospital, usually 2 to 4 hours after the procedure has been completed. You will not be allowed to travel home unattended, if this has not been arranged than your surgery will be cancelled on the day.

The staff at Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery can assist you in getting ready to recover at home after your procedure. It is recommended that you stock up on provisions and prepare light meals for the first few days after your procedure and to have someone around to assist with day to day activities and looking after small children.