Financial Information

Financial Information

One of the issues frequently asked by our patients is: “How much does it cost?” This is not at all unreasonable.  Everybody asks the question in all areas of service and commerce.

It is difficult to list a comprehensive range of fees on our website, because there are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration when providing a patient with the final cost of their intended treatment. We are happy to provide an estimate of the costs of your surgery if you submit your request with images of the area of concern (this is usually 3 images taken front, oblique and from the side), Dr Turner will review your request and images and give guidance on what your surgery will likely cost, but this is only a guide and can not be confirmed until you have a formal consultation.

Dr Turner and his practice believe in the principal of full informed financial consent. As part of the preoperative process, you will be provided with a complete breakdown of the costs of your surgery before you sign up for your procedure.

My Consultation

When you call to make an appointment, you will be asked to provide certain information, such as your contact details, phone number and email address. This is so we can send you some preliminary information to expedite your admission process and shorten the time you have to sit in the waiting room.

There is a charge for your consultation. If you have a referral from a GP, some of that fee can be rebated from Medicare in most instances. Most plastic surgeons now require prepayment for this initial consultation at the time of booking. This is to avoid the frequent occurrence of patients making multiple appointments with several surgeons and then failing to attend without taking the trouble to ring and cancel. This problem has become all too common in recent times.

My Operation

There are several factors that determine the ultimate cost to you for the surgical procedure you are about to undergo.

These are:

  • Dr Turners surgical fee
  • The Anaesthetic fee
  • Implant and garment fees if required
  • Hospital fees, including bed fee and operating theatre fee

Our staff will advise you of the fee for your operation at the time of the initial consultation or very soon thereafter.

Many of the procedures, which Dr Turner performs, have what are known as Medicare item numbers. Where this is the case, you may expect a rebate from Medicare and your private insurer for your operation. Dr Turner and his staff will do all they can to maximise your rebates and minimise the ultimate cost to you.

Dr Turner operates at several private hospitals. All these facilities have accreditation with the National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards. This ensures that your procedure will be carried out in the safest, most hygienic and comfortable environment for you

Credit Options

Once you receive the detailed quotation for your procedure, you will be asked to arrange payment. It is customary in procedures, which are essentially cosmetic for the balance of your surgical fee to be paid in advance of the operation. Where there are difficulties, we can advise you of agencies that can provide financing.

Mac Credit


The Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery has no commercial relationship with any of these funders and receives no incentives for referring patients to them.