After Your Surgery

After Your Surgery

Going Home

Prior to your operation, a plan will be developed to deal with your discharge from the hospital or clinic. The details will depend on several factors, including the procedure you have undergone, what support there is at home, and how far from Dr Turner’s practice you may be staying. At all times, our concern is for your safety and comfort.

The necessary medications that you will need for the early postoperative phase of your treatment will be provided or prescribed. These are almost always painkillers and antibiotics if required.

Arrangements will be made for your early follow-up and for regular postoperative visits.


Dr Turner strongly believes that most problems that might occur after an operation can be avoided if they are identified and treated early. Therefore, he provides all his patients with his mobile telephone number and is available to them at all times.

Furthermore, in the first days after surgery, you will be contacted daily, either by Dr Turner himself, or the practice nurse. You are encouraged to make contact with the doctor at any time and about any problem you may have. Reassurance and availability are we believe, essential elements in the caring management of our patients.


If, as part of your operation, it is deemed advisable for you to go home with a suction drain in place, we will give you a detailed protocol on the care of these drains.  This approach to treatment for certain conditions has reduced the time you night need to stay in hospital, and allow you to convalesce in the comfort of your home much earlier than otherwise would be the case.

First Postoperative Visit

Your first postoperative visit is usually a week after your surgery. Wounds are checked, splints or dressings removed and sutures are taken out. Dr Turner will often take photographs of your appearance, so that at subsequent visits you will be able to see the improvement in bruising, swelling and shape.

Subsequent Visits

Depending on your operation, further follow-up visits are scheduled. Dr Turner sees patients at various surgeries. Your subsequent follow-up appointments can be arranged at the location most convenient for you. Once again photographs might be taken to document your progress.

Depending on your operation, the rate of healing and your needs, follow-up appointments will be arranged for some weeks or months after your procedure.  In most cases, there is no charge for these visits, but this depends ultimately on how long they go on for, and whether any unforeseen complication arises which is out of the ordinary.